No Whites: The Changing Face of America

In 1976, 80% of American Christians were white. Today it's less than 50%. Political implications could be huge...

Where is God in the Midst of the Storm?

God cannot explain what we cannot understand.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death: Blasphemy Charge Stands Despite Insufficient Evidence

Today, Pakistan remains the world’s most determined anti-blasphemy state, with half of all blasphemy charges against Christians.

He’s Not a “Monster”: Father’s Desperate Plea For His 8 Year Old Son

His heartbroken father says because of his disability kids throw rocks at him, push him and shout "monster", "freak".

September 24th is ‘Freedom Sunday’: Let’s Unite to End Slavery

Over 40 million men, women and children are in slavery today, more than at any other point in history.

The 6 Unhealthy Leadership Styles You Would Be Wise to Avoid

God desires leaders who are broken, humble, courageous, loving, faithful and Christlike.

Some Food For Thought on Rosh HaShana

May your name be inscribed for more than a good year... May it be inscribed forever!

If You’ve Allowed Your Faith to Become Exhausted, Pray This Prayer…

Shawn Bolz explains how simple it is to reignite faith that's gone cold.

Did Apostle Paul Really Write: “It is Disgraceful for a Woman to Speak in...

Academics at the University of Cambridge claim that this text was not written by Paul, but was later added by other scribes.

Snoop Dogg’s Career Takes a Turn: Gospel Albums and Christian TV Shows

In the TV show Snoop will share personal testimonies and stories of God’s grace through his many trials and tribulations.

What Are ‘Natural Disasters’ and Why Does God Allow Them?

Natural events are not bad in themselves. They only become a disaster when people die.

Puerto Rico in a Desperate State With No Power, Possibly for Months

Plunged into darkness after Maria made landfall, it's going to be a dark few months for Puerto Rico...