End of the World “Rubbish” Story Overshadows What True Christianity is Accomplishing

The real world issues that deserve coverage are fighting for place over a fake news story about the end of the world.

Is God Really the Same Today as He Was in the Old Testament?

Yes He is! What has changed is not God but the degree to which we have attained an understanding of His true nature.

Was Latest North Korean Earthquake Naturally Occurring or Caused by a Bomb Blast?

Suspicions have been raised as to what caused the quake, although South Korea say it's a natural.

American Pastor Jailed in Turkey is “In Extraordinary Danger”

Brunson has said his reason for living in Turkey for the past 23 years was "...for one purpose only. To tell about Jesus Christ."

Study Finds US & UK Are Biggest Users of ISIS Online Propaganda Sites

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London warned that the talk of the terror group's decline in the virtual world has been "grossly overstated."

Pastor With Gay Parents Speaks About Christian Approach to LGBT Community

"I was a teenager coming out as a Christian to my three (gay) parents"...

Kingdom Life or Ballet Class: What’s Best For Our Kids?

We need to forego what our culture deems 'best' for our children, and instead chase God’s best.

New Survey of Evangelical Leaders: Most Own Guns, Most Want Stricter Gun Laws

The survey was conducted ahead of the nationwide remembrance day on Oct. 15, organized by the "Prayer Warriors Against Gun Violence".

Mexico: 3rd Quake in 3 Weeks Puts Death Toll Over 400

Another 6.1 magnitude quake hit on Saturday causing even more chaos in the already very shaken country.

Mexico: Church Roof Collapses During Earthquake Killing 11 Relatives

A christening turned into a funeral at Santiago Apostol Church in Mexico after the latest earthquake hit Mexico.

No Whites: The Changing Face of America

In 1976, 80% of American Christians were white. Today it's less than 50%. Political implications could be huge...

Where is God in the Midst of the Storm?

God cannot explain what we cannot understand.