The Nine Chris Pratt’s Rules for Youth…

He gave nine important life tips for young people to remember.

Christians Set Up a Fan Zone in a Church to Share the Gospel

Christians set up a fan zone in a church in the city centre.

Reasons Why Not… Why Leaving is not the Best Option ?

“Your value is demonstrated [and] proven by the fact that God’s Son, Jesus thought you were worth dying for.

Chinese Christian Leader Denounce How the Government is Violating Human Rights

The Christian leader has asked to publicly share his image to denounce how the government is violating Human Rights.

A Former Victoria’s Secret Model Sacrificed a Successful Modeling Career to Follow Jesus

“I realized that being a model was truly not what it was cracked up to be.

Shocking Video : Don’t Forget to be a Good Samaritan !

If you watch the video closely, you will notice something glaringly obvious – not everyone stopped to help.

Korean Peninsula : Reunification, a “Religious Goal” for Many South- Korean Christians

A lot has happened on the Korean peninsula in the last few weeks.

“Pam, you Must Forgive Yourself. To do Otherwise is Denying God’s Grace and Mercy”

Many believers encounter Jesus in dramatic fashion, and they are changed instantly, like Saul on the Damascus Road.

MLK’s vision matters today for the 43 million Americans living in poverty

In the last three years of his life and ministry King had grown frustrated with the slow pace of reform and the lack of funding for anti-poverty programs.

Nepal : Sudden Series of Arson and Bomb Attacks on Four Church Buildings

Christians in Nepal are alarmed after this month's sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings, and church leaders suspect authorities are lax in investigating.

Heidi Baker’s Ministry Iris Global is in Danger of Attack by Terrorists in Mozambique.

Heidi and her husband Rolland Baker have been missionaries since they were married in a small charismatic church in Southern California.

Women’s higher education was pioneered by evangelical Christian leaders

Southern Baptist Convention leader Paige Patterson was fired Wednesday following a meeting of the board of trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he...