Is God Really the Same Today as He Was in the Old Testament?

Yes He is! What has changed is not God but the degree to which we have attained an understanding of His true nature.

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We need to forego what our culture deems 'best' for our children, and instead chase God’s best.

New Survey of Evangelical Leaders: Most Own Guns, Most Want Stricter Gun Laws

The survey was conducted ahead of the nationwide remembrance day on Oct. 15, organized by the "Prayer Warriors Against Gun Violence".

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God cannot explain what we cannot understand.

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Moving On After Charlottesville: Virginia Church Removes Robert E Lee From its Name

The church has been divided for some time over whether it should carry the name of a man who fought to preserve the institution of slavery.

Has Church Become So Cool That It’s Completely Irrelevant?

We need to stop worrying about how to make Jesus relevant for contemporary culture. We need just to follow His Word.